Ebike Ubud: In-Depth Review {2023]

Ebike Ubud

While I biked through the countryside on a beautiful summertime day, I couldn’t help but see how numerous electric bikes were passing me . From stylish road bikes to sturdy mountain bicycles, it appeared that nearly everybody had adopted this environmentally friendly and practical way to travel. Ebike Ubud


Captivated by the popularity, I chose to test an e-bike personally – specifically the . The Vtuvia SN100 is an e-bike designed for metropolitan riders that want a reliable and affordable means to commute town without exerting too much effort. With its lightweight aluminium frame, 750W motor, and 7-speed Shimano gear system, this bike promises to make your routine journey a breeze.

But, will it meet these claims? Inside this piece, we will delve deeper into the SN100 and see if it’s worth investing in.  


The Vtuvia sn100 can be described as a fat tire electric bike that has been keeping functionality and convenience as priorities. This e-bike differentiates itself among its rivals owing to its flexible riding modes, that cater for different degrees of expertise, regardless of if a person is an experienced biker or just starting.

The 3 distinct riding modes available on the SN100 include pedal-assist mode, electric mode, and regular mode.

The detachable lithium power source implemented in this bike brings an additional degree of convenience for users, since it implies they are able to effortlessly take the power pack out when charging, rather than having carry the entire bike into their houses. Additionally, the battery delivers impressive power ratings and can last up to 50-mile range prior to recharging becomes necessary.

Sturdiness continues to be always a key factor whenever buying any transportation device, and the SN100 does not fail in that aspect. The aluminium alloy structure employed for constructing the bike ensures that is sturdy sufficient to endure strenuous usage, at the same time nevertheless keeping an overall lightweight appearance. Thanks to this characteristic, cyclists do not have to be concerned regarding their bikes becoming harmed even after extended use in tough conditions.

Overall, the SN100 offers outstanding value for money through mixing premium materials along with cutting-edge features such as multiple modes of riding and a removable power system. Its durability makes it perfect for those who are seeking long-lasting solutions temporary solutions.

Regarding the construction quality, there exist a limited number of electric bikes currently on the market who are able to equal what SN100 brings .



Durability & Build Quality


Next, let’s have a look at the overall durability and build quality of the Vtuvia SN100.

Ease Of Assembly

When it comes to the robustness and construction quality of e-bikes, a particular model which excels would be the SN100. This e-bike sports an aluminum alloy frame which ensures sturdiness whilst maintaining its weight manageable. Moreover, featuring a removable power source, riders can easily change batteries for longer journeys or quick substitutions.

Assembling an e-bike may look intimidating, yet consumers that purchased the Vtuvia SN100 rave regarding how effortless it had been to put together. The package contains all necessary equipment, and a lot of components come pre-installed upon delivery.

Clear guidelines further make assembly a snap. Even those lacking technical experience could construct this electric bike in less than 30 minutes.

The ease stretches beyond just assembling the SN100 together, since their customer service is excellent. In the event of any kind of concerns or doubts about the bike’s functionality or even parts, users have commended the manufacturer’s proactivity and eagerness in order to support quickly.

Additionally, excellent client care offers peace of mind knowing all possible issues will certainly be tackled quickly from specialists.

Durability Testing

Moving on from the setup and client care of Vtuvia SN100, it is also crucial that we talk about its durability.

This electric mountain bike boasts an aluminium alloy frame known for its sturdiness as well as lightweight characteristics which render the bike suitable for off-road riding. The frame can withstand tough conditions and shocks, guaranteeing a durable e-bike.

Moreover, Vtuvia SN100 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes which provide reliable braking on wet or slippery terrains. Such kinds of brakes prove to be much durable as compared to traditional braking systems, given that these demand lesser servicing across their lifetime. With these advantages , riders can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge the electric bike is able to handle off-road conditions with no compromising well-being.

To additionally test the Vtuvia ebike’s sturdiness, battery life has to taken into account. After all,, batteries play a critical part in electric bikes’ performance & overall durability. Thankfully, the model has received positive reviews concerning its endurance. Users reported that they were capable of ride as much as 50 miles per charge in assisted mode on flat terrain prior to requiring a recharge. Nevertheless, real distance might fluctuate based upon conditions including rider weight as well as climatic situations.

In conclusion, reliability testing must incorporate practical cases in order to ascertain just how effectively an electric bike operates in different circumstances.

Several online reviews attest the SN100 fared adequately in the course of lengthy journeys and uneven paths with no any issues. Some riders have using theirs for several months without encountering substantial wear.


Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Speed ratings of the SN100 have been universally considered to be a few of the greatest inside the e-bike market. It boasts to have a top velocity of 28 miles per hour and can reach 0 to 18 miles per hour within just 3.2 seconds.

Acceleration performance is additionally enhanced through the motor’s torque vectoring function, that helps keep traction while gaining speed.

In conclusion, the SN100 is a great selection for people looking for fast, strong, & steady performance.

Speed Ratings

The SN100 stands as a versatile electric bike that is designed to offer a standout riding experience across various landscapes. Among the most important aspects for e-bike lies in its performance capabilities, which this aspect easier consumers make educated decisions while selecting their optimal e-bike.

The SN100 provides noteworthy capabilities, that are unquestionably one of its key strengths. The fat tires fitted with the VTuvia SN100 offer superb traction over rough terrain, permitting users the ability to keep stability at top velocities.

Equipped with a 750 watts engine, this e-bike can achieve maximum velocities of 28mph, rendering it suitable both for urban commutes and outdoor adventures. Its mighty motor additionally ensures consistent speeding up under challenging situations like sharp inclines.

As for it comes to riding on different terrains, the VTuvia SN100 tackles all kinds with ease . With a maximal speed of 28 miles per hour and durable fat tires, riders can confidently navigate various landscapes knowing with both power & control on their side.

Additionally, the SN100’s several riding modes enable cyclists to customize the experience based to the degree of experience as well as the landscape. Whether one is a seasoned cyclist or starting, the VTuvia SN100 offers options that are suited for every skill level.

Acceleration Performance

Moving on to a further performance aspect for VTuvia SN100 , we shall focus on its speeding up potential. Fitted with strong 750 watts V W engine and fat tires, the e-bike can easily accelerate from zero reaching maximum speed.

Riders can experience steady acceleration even when facing steep slopes or challenging ground. The VTuvia SN100’s capacity to hold steady speeding up remains particularly astonishing considering the fact this e-bike could attain a 28 miles per hour maximal speed.

Such performance renders it well-suited for urban commutes as riders are able to rapidly navigate through congested streets and keeping up in traffic flow.

Furthermore, off-road adventure seekers may enjoy exciting rides without worrying about bike dropping power through tough uphill climbs.

Another remarkable feature related to SN100’s speeding up capability lies in how efficiently it utilizes power. On only one battery charge, cyclists are able to cover long distances prior to required to recharge.

The mix of its efficient motor and sophisticated power management system secures that riders experience sufficient power during every moment.

Furthermore, the e-bike’s energy-efficient capabilities allow lengthy riding duration per single charge – making it a fantastic choice for riders who seek both velocity and endurance in their e-bikes.



Range & Battery


Now let’s have a look at the range and battery of the SN100 in a little more detail.


The range of an electric bike is a critical factor that influences its whole cycling experience. For those those who seek extended-range riding, the VTUVIA SN100 proves to be a fantastic option with its efficient motor & robust engine.

Its waterproof power source is detachable & fitted with high-quality cells, guaranteeing longevity & dependability on extended rides. Featuring an impressive 48V/14Ah capacity, this electric bike is able to travel up to 60 miles range on one battery charge. Its detachable battery gives convenience for riders since could easily exchange the battery out if needed or charge it independently needing to carry their bike in proximity to a power source.

Additionally, VTUVIA SN100’s 500W motor provides ample force to tackle uphill climbs, making the e-bike fit for off-road excursions. Such capability renders this electric bike adaptable enough to cater to various types of terrain while maintaining its excellent performance.

Its reliable battery life combined with its robust motor allows riders to explore new destinations without worrying about running out of juice in the middle of their journey. Furthermore, users can customize their ride by choosing from various pedal-assist modes available on this e-bike.

Its trustworthy battery life paired with its powerful strong motor allows cyclists explore unique places fearing depleting battery life during the adventure. Additionally, riders can tailor the experience by choosing among various pedal-assist options available on the e-bike.

Whether one is commuting around town exploring rough tracks, this electric bike will provide an enjoyable and pleasurable ride during all times.

Battery Life

Transitioning to the topic about battery performance for our VTUVIA SN100 review, it is essential to note that the electric bike’s Samsung Li-ion battery offers a major advantage.

With an 48V/14Ah capacity, riders may experience a truly astounding distance of 60 miles on a charge. Such a feature renders the electric bike optimal long-range riding as well as exploring exciting locations without fearing exhausting battery life halfway through.

In addition to impressive , this electric bike comes with different assist settings which you can customize based on your preference and terrain. This feature enables riders to save energy by adjusting their help level according to riders’ requirements as well as conditions.

Furthermore, riders have option to easily replace when needed since it is detachable.

The SN100’s reliable lithium battery performance coupled with customizable suspension forks hydraulic disc brakes ensures ideal functionality whilst remaining user-friendly.


Safety Features

What about safety features? Well, the Vtuvia SN100 has plenty of them too!


E-bikes are becoming more and more common method of transportation due to their inherent green nature as well as practicality. One particular electric bike which has certainly caught attention of many is the Vtuvia SN100, noted for its outstanding features and performance.

This article concentrates in exploring a single essential element associated with the e-bike – its safety component – airbags. SN100 boasts front and rear suspension system, offering when riding on bumpy surfaces.

These airbags are made from high-quality aluminium alloy material which enhances durability whilst weight minimal. Furthermore, the airbags provide exceptional shock absorption capability, making it more accessible users to control their bike in difficult conditions.

An additional significant aspect for the Vtuvia SN100 would be the LCD display which displays battery power levels, information, and other important data.

By using this particular function, users are able to observe the cycling distance more accurately and also make certain do not of power in the course of extended trips.

Furthermore, bike’s brakes operates effortlessly with its screen in order to offer exact stopping power at instance.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Proceeding on the subject of subject involving safety, an additional crucial factor to think about while buying an electric bike is braking system.

The SN100 comes with ABS () that provide trustworthy and precise braking power in different weather conditions. This function prevents the wheels from locking throughout emergency stops, lowering possibility in accidents.

ABS technology employed by SN100 functions sensing rotation with sensors , modifying force accordingly. This ensures that keep on spinning during supplying maximum braking force.

This electric bicycle furthermore comes fitted with disc brakes which give extra braking force for increased safety.

brakes, SN100 also features brushless motor which provides efficient in pedal-assist mode and . With max maximum weight capacity at 150kg, riders can enjoy comfortable riding experiences with no being concerned about overloading the bikes.

Combined, these features work harmoniously to ensure secure and pleasurable rides regardless of harsh landscapes or inclement weather. If you prioritize your safety when choosing an electric bike, the Vtuvia SN100 should certainly be amongst your choices.



Its affordability offered by the Vtuvia SN100 is exceptional. It offers a great option for commuters seeking the advantages of pedal-assisted cycling without spending a fortune.

An impressive aspects of this e-bike is its flexibility. It comes with both rear racks and baskets, allowing users to easily carry shopping or other items while cycling. Additionally, it offers two modes, electric mode and pedal mode, allowing riders to switch their assistance level based on their needs. This feature renders the Vtuvia SN100 ideal for commuting or leisurely rides in the city.

Another notable factor that adds to its appeal is its budget-friendly price tag. In comparison with other models available, the Vtuvia SN100 offers great value for the price. Users can experience all the essential features of an e-bike at a fraction of spending a lot of cash.



750w Hub Motor


The Worth of the vtuvia sn100 electric bike is exceptional relative to other bikes on the market. For a reasonable price, you acquire a superior bike with a number of functions that justify every penny.

Among of these attributes is the hub motor located at the rear, which makes biking smooth and uncomplicated despite landscape. The Hub Motor is positioned inside of the wheel’s axle, making it more discreet in comparison to mid-drive systems whilst still offering ample strength for cyclists.

The hub motor offers a pair of settings: E-Mode and PAS. In Electric mode, you can ride easily with no the need to pedal at all, whereas PAS lets you to conserve battery life by assisting your pedaling efforts.

For those that need additional room for storage throughout their ride, the Vtuvia SN100 offers them covered with its rear racks. This attribute supplies enough room to carry groceries or various other things handily.


Thumb Throttle

The thumb throttle is an essential feature of the Vtuvia SN100 e-bike, as it allows riders to have full control over their speed and acceleration. This component is located on the handlebars and can be easily accessed with the thumb. It works by sending a signal to the motor when pressed, which then propels the bike forward.

One benefit of using the thumb throttle on the SN100 is that it provides effortless power assistance even in electric mode. Riders can choose between three levels of pedal assist or switch entirely into electric mode for a fully motorized ride. The thumb throttle adds another layer of convenience, making it easy to navigate through traffic or get up steep hills without breaking a sweat.

Another advantage of having a thumb throttle on this e-bike is its responsiveness. Thanks to its hub motor, the SN100 has instant torque and acceleration, allowing riders to take off quickly from a stop sign or red light. With the addition of the thumb throttle, this process becomes even more seamless since riders do not need to rely solely on pedaling to gain momentum.

Overall, incorporating a thumb throttle on an e-bike such as the Vtuvia SN100 enhances both its efficiency and ease-of-use. It enables riders to customize their experience while also providing them with greater control over their movements. In turn, these features make cycling more accessible for people who may struggle with traditional bicycles due to physical limitations or other factors.

With optimized handling and control via its thumb throttle, another factor that contributes heavily towards making riding an enjoyable experience lies in exceptional suspension systems that provide enhanced comfort during rides irrespective of terrain conditions – ranging from smooth roads to bumpy tracks alike.



The Suspension of the SN100 Vtuvia e-bike is a remarkable attribute that contributes to its overall performance.

The e-bike’s front suspension system consists of a Suntour XCT fork with 80mm travel, while the back shocks has an adjustable air shock absorber. These components collaborate to supply a comfortable ride on different terrains and help to reducing rider tiredness.

The Vtuvia SN100 also arrives fitted with a robust rack at the back appropriate for carrying cargo or attaching panniers. Cyclists can use this rack together with the electric mode, which enables them to cover farther distances sans applying excessive energy.

Moreover, the hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano permit riders to halt securely and rapidly if necessary, boosting their trust and grip of the bike.

An additional important aspect of this electric bicycle is its cadence-sensing pedal assist system, which senses pedaling rate and offers support accordingly. This feature renders it more manageable for riders to keep up speed even while ascending or against intense winds. Moreover, it helps save battery life by making sure maximum usage through effective power management.

Next, we will explore another crucial part of this bicycle – the headset. The bicycle headset is a essential element of the Vtuvia SN100, as it links the bike frame and the fork, enabling smooth steering and stability.



The bike headset is responsible for connecting the front fork to the bike frame of the bicycle, enabling you to control your front wheel smoothly. The SN100 Vtuvia employs a common 1-1/8 inch unthreaded headset that is effortless to service.

One the crucial aspects of the Vtuvia SN100 is its intelligent pedal assist system. This function makes it more manageable to ride uphill or in intense headwinds by automagically tweaking power output based on how forcefully you are cycling.

Alternatively, you can utilize the e-mode in which you do not have to cycle at all, or shift to manual mode which disables the engine and forces you to depend exclusively on your physical power.

The comfortable aluminum alloy structure used in the building of this bicycle delivers stability and longevity while remaining light sufficient for simple maneuvering. Furthermore, rear storage racks can be added easily onto this model providing extra storage with no sacrificing performance or including unnecessary weight.

Proceeding into our next section about drivetrain parts, we will have a closer glimpse at how these parts work together to supply seamless shifting and effective power transfer.




As we continue in our VTUVia SN100 review, it’s the moment to have a closer glimpse at the bike’s drivetrain. The drivetrain is an vital part of every electric trail bicycle, as it determines how energy is transferred from the engine to the tires.

The SN100 arrives with Shimano assist gears that deliver seamless and efficient shifting via its 21-speed gear system. The Shimano assist gears assure smooth uphill climbs and effortless acceleration on level ground.

This attribute makes the VTUVia SN100 appropriate for all types of terrains, whether you’re traveling through tough paths or riding on city roads. Moreover, the gearing offer maximum speeds whilst minimizing the least strain when cycling.

To comprehend more clearly how such gear ratios operate practically, we shall examine this table:


Gear Ratio Speed
1st 3:1 Low speed/High torque
2nd 2:1 Mid speed/Mid torque
3rd-7th 1:1 – 0.64:1 High speed/Low torque
8th-14th .61:1 – .38:1 Very high speed/Lower Torque
15th-21st .37:.22 Maximum Speed


As demonstrated earlier, every gear ratio relates to a unique speed range and level of torque. Users can use these ratios to adjust their ride based on changing situations including headwinds, slope, and surface type.


Overall Impression

This adaptable fat-tire e-bike has surely established a name for itself in the market with its impressive specifications and distinctive attributes.

Among of the highly remarkable aspects of the electric bicycle is its ride quality. The SN100 Vtuvia delivers a smooth ride, particularly on uneven surfaces, thanks to its strong structure and shock-absorbing system that handles bumps effectively. Furthermore, its powerful motor enables cyclists to effortlessly conquer steep hills without breaking a perspiration.

Regarding adaptability, this fat tire e-bike is designed to cater to demands. Whether you want an effortless commute or an adventurous off-road ride, the SN100 Vtuvia can tackle both effortlessly. Its wide tyres provide outstanding traction and steadiness, while also allowing for cozy rides across snowy surfaces, sand, or different difficult surfaces.

In conclusion, the review of the Vtuvia SN100 shows that it is an exceptional electric bike that provides great results in every aspects – speed, riding comfort, energy efficiency and durability. It’s optimal for individuals looking for a high-quality electric bicycle that can cater to every one of their biking needs at once – commuting around town or discovering new trails well beyond urban boundaries.

As seen from our evaluation previously concerning the remarkable machine’s specs and cycling capabilities; we conclude that anyone searching for an impressive fat-tire e-bike ought to take into account acquiring Vtuvia SN100 as it is unlikely to disappoint anyone in every facet they may require of a an electric bicycle. Ebike Ubud