Vtuvia 750 Watt 48 Volt Fat: In-Depth Review {2023]

Vtuvia 750 Watt 48 Volt Fat

While I biked across the outskirts on a beautiful summer’s day, I couldn’t notice how many electric bikes passed me by. From sleek road bikes to durable mountain bicycles, it seemed as though nearly everybody has adopted this green and convenient means of transport. Vtuvia 750 Watt 48 Volt Fat


Intrigued by their popularity, I chose to test an e-bike myself – particularly the . The Vtuvia SN100 is an e-bike intended for city commuters that seek a trustworthy and affordable means to get around town without breaking a sweat. Featuring its lightweight aluminium chassis, 750W brushless motor, and 7-speed Shimano transmission system, this bicycle vows to turn your everyday journey a breeze.

But, does it fulfill those claims? In this piece, we’ll delve deeper into the SN100 and determine whether it is deserving of investing in.  


The SN100 is a fat tire electric bike which has been with functionality and comfort as priorities. This e-bike stands out from its competitors due to its adaptable riding modes, which appeal for distinct levels of expertise, regardless of whether one may be an experienced cyclist or new to it.

The 3 separate modes provided on the SN100 include assist mode, full-electric mode, and manual mode.

The removable lithium power source featured in this e-bike brings an additional aspect of practicality for users, because this indicates riders could effortlessly take the power pack out when charging, as opposed to needing carry the whole bicycle into their homes. Moreover, the power source provides remarkable power ratings and could last for as much as 50-mile range until recharging is required.

Sturdiness is consistently a vital consideration while buying any vehicle, and the vtuvia sn100 doesn’t fail in that aspect. The aluminium alloy frame employed in constructing the bicycle ensures that is durable enough for endure rigorous use, while still maintaining an over-all light appearance. With this feature, users do not need worry about their bicycles becoming damaged even after lengthy use under harsh situations.

Overall, the SN100 provides outstanding bang for your buck through blending high-quality components with cutting-edge characteristics like several modes of riding and a detachable lithium-ion power system. Its longevity renders it perfect for are seeking long-lasting instead of quick fixes.

In terms of construction quality, there are a limited number of e-bikes presently on the market that can rival what the vtuvia sn100 brings to offer.



Durability & Build Quality


Next, let’s have a look at the overall durability and build quality of the Vtuvia SN100.

Ease Of Assembly

Regarding the robustness and construction quality of electric bikes, a particular model which is noteworthy is the Vtuvia SN100. This electric bike sports an aluminium alloy chassis which provides sturdiness whilst keeping its weight manageable. Additionally, featuring a removable battery, users could easily change batteries for prolonged journeys or fast changes.

Constructing an e-bike might look intimidating, yet consumers who bought the SN100 rave regarding just how simple it had been to assemble. The box contains all needed equipment, and many pieces come pre-installed upon arrival.

Comprehensive guidelines also make putting it together a piece of cake. those with no mechanical experience were assemble this electric bike in under 30 minutes.

The practicality stretches past simply putting the Vtuvia SN100 together, because their support is superior. In case of any kind of problems or concerns with the bike’s performance or even pieces, users have actually commended the company’s proactivity and readiness in order to support their customers immediately.

Moreover, excellent customer service provides comfort in knowing any possible problems shall be promptly handled swiftly from professionals.

Durability Testing

Shifting away from the setup & support of SN100, it’s equally essential that we talk about its sturdiness.

This e-mountain bike boasts an aluminum alloy frame known for its sturdiness as well as lightweight characteristics which make it ideal for both off-road riding. The material is able to withstand tough conditions & impacts, ensuring a durable e-bike.

Furthermore, Vtuvia SN100 is equipped with hydraulic brakes which offer dependable braking during wet or slippery conditions. Such kinds of brakes prove to be much durable than traditional rim brakes, as they require lesser maintenance over their lifetime. With these advantages , users can enjoy assurance knowing their electric bike is able to tackle rough terrain with no sacrificing well-being.

To further test the Vtuvia ebike’s sturdiness, battery life must taken into account. After all, batteries have a critical part for e-bikes’ performance and total durability. Fortunately, this model has good feedback about its battery life. Riders have reported that they were able to travel as much as 50 miles per charge in pedal-assist mode across level ground prior to needing a recharge. Nonetheless, actual distance could vary based upon elements like user weight & weather factors.

Finally, durability testing ought to include practical cases to ascertain just how effectively the e-bike operates in unique conditions.

Numerous online evaluations confirm that Vtuvia SN100 performed well in the course of extended journeys & rough trails with no any problems. Some owners have been using their e-bikes over several months without experiencing substantial wear and tear.


Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Velocity evaluations of the VTUvia SN100 have been widely considered to be among the best in the industry. The e-bike has been rated to have a top velocity of 28 miles per hour & is able to reach 0-18 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Speeding up performance is further improved due to the motor’s vectoring function, that helps sustain grip during gaining speed.

Overall, the VTUvia SN100 is a fantastic choice for people in search of rapid, strong, and reliable functionality.

Speed Ratings

The VTuvia SN100 stands as a flexible e-bike that is crafted for deliver a standout riding experience over different landscapes. One of the most important components of any electric bike lies in its speed ratings, which this aspect possible for consumers to make well-informed decisions when picking their ideal ride.

The VTuvia SN100 provides remarkable rates, that are certainly one of its key strengths. The thick tires equipped with the VTuvia SN100 offer superb grip over rough terrain, enabling riders to maintain stability at high velocities.

Powered by a 750 watts motor, this electric bike is able to attain maximum speeds up to 28 miles per hour, making ideal for urban commutes or nature adventures. Its robust engine also guarantees steady acceleration in demanding conditions like sharp inclines.

When dealing with riding on different terrains, the SN100 tackles every types effortlessly . With a top speed of 28 mph and durable thick tires, users are able to boldly navigate diverse landscapes being assured they have both power & stability supporting them.

Moreover, the SN100’s multiple riding modes enable cyclists to customize their experience based to the degree of expertise as well as the terrain. Whether someone happens to be a skilled cyclist or new, the SN100 offers options which cater to every skill level.

Acceleration Performance

Exploring a different performance aspect of SN100 , we shall turn to its acceleration capabilities. Equipped with strong 750 watts motor and thick tires, this electric bike can smoothly speed up from a standstill reaching its top velocity.

Riders can feel continuous acceleration when taking on sharp slopes and uneven ground. VTuvia SN100’s ability to maintain consistent speeding up is exceptionally noteworthy taking into account the fact it can achieve up to 28 mph maximal velocity.

This feature renders the VTuvia SN100 perfect for urban commutes since users are able to quickly navigate in congested roads while keeping up in traffic flow.

Additionally, adventure seekers may savor exhilarating adventures being concerned about bike losing power during challenging slopes.

One more remarkable feature of the VTuvia SN100’s speeding up performance lies in the way effectively the e-bike uses power. On only one battery charge, cyclists are able to travel extended ranges prior to required to recharge.

Its blend between the powerful engine and advanced power management system secures that users have sufficient energy during every times.

Additionally, its power-saving qualities enable lengthy cycling time per battery charge – making it a fantastic option for those people who desire both velocity and durability in their electric bikes.



Range & Battery


Now let’s have a look at the range and battery of the SN100 in a little more detail.


The distance for an electric bike is a crucial aspect that influences the entire cycling journey. For riders who desire long-range riding, VTUVIA SN100 turns out as a great selection due to the efficient motor and strong engine.

Its weatherproof power source comes detachable & equipped with Samsung cells, ensuring durability & reliability during long rides. With a 48-volt 14-amp-hour battery capacity, this electric bike is able to travel as far as 60 miles range with one charge. Its detachable lithium battery offers convenience for riders since can effortlessly exchange it when needed or recharge the battery separately without having to haul the entire e-bike near a power source.

Moreover, SN100’s 500 watts motor provides enough power to tackle hills, rendering the e-bike appropriate to handle outdoor adventures. This capability renders the electric bike versatile sufficient to accommodate diverse terrains while preserving its excellent performance.

Its reliable battery life combined with its robust motor allows riders to explore new destinations without worrying about running out of juice in the middle of their journey. Furthermore, users can customize their ride by choosing from various pedal-assist modes available on this e-bike.

Its reliable battery life combined alongside its robust engine lets users to discover fresh destinations fearing depleting battery life in the middle of the adventure. Moreover, riders can customize their ride through choosing from several pedal-assist modes available with the e-bike.

Whether one is traveling through town exploring rugged trails, this e-bike shall offer a comfortable and pleasurable ride during all times.

Battery Life

Moving on to the subtopic concerning battery life for this SN100 review, it is crucial to note this electric bike’s Samsung Li-ion provides a substantial edge.

Featuring a 48V/14Ah capacity, riders can anticipate an remarkable travel of sixty miles on a charge. This characteristic makes this electric bike optimal for long-range cycling as well as exploring exciting locations worrying about exhausting battery life midway.

Apart from its impressive battery, the electric bike also comes several assist options which you can personalize based on your preference and surroundings. Such a benefit lets users save energy by varying their help level according to their requirements conditions.

Moreover, riders get the chance effortlessly replace when required since removable.

SN100’s trustworthy lithium battery performance together with adjustable suspension forks and hydraulic disc brakes ensures optimal operation while remaining accessible.


Safety Features

What about safety features? Well, the Vtuvia SN100 has plenty of them too!


Electric bikes have become increasingly popular mode of transportation because of their inherent green nature and convenience. One particular e-bike which has captured the attention of a lot of people would be Vtuvia SN100, noted for its impressive capabilities as well as performance.

The following write-up focuses in exploring a single crucial element associated with this e-bike – the safety feature – airbags. The Vtuvia SN100 comes with suspension system, providing smooth riding while navigating uneven surfaces.

The suspension components of high-quality aluminum alloy material which improves reliability while keeping weight low. Additionally, the airbags give exceptional shock absorption ability, making it easier riders to control the bike in challenging situations.

A different important safety element for Vtuvia SN100 is its display screen that indicates battery levels, speedometer readings, and various essential details.

With this particular function, riders may keep track of the riding range with greater accuracy and also guarantee they do not run out of battery throughout lengthy journeys.

Furthermore, bike’s brakes operates smoothly alongside the display in order to supply exact braking force during all instance.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Continuing with the subject of topic of safety, one more essential factor you should consider while buying electric bike is braking system.

The SN100 boasts anti-lock brakes () that deliver dependable as well as exact stopping power during different conditions. This particular feature avoids the wheels locking up in emergency stops, minimizing possibility in crashes.

The ABS technology used in the Vtuvia SN100 operates by sensing speed using sensors , adjusting pressure accordingly. This ensures that the wheels rotating during delivering maximum braking power.

e-bike also is fitted disc brakes that add additional stopping force as an added security.

Apart from its brakes, Vtuvia SN100 also features a which delivers effective power output both as well as . Having a maximum weight capacity at 150kg, cyclists are able to experience cozy riding positions without being concerned regarding overloading their bikes.

Altogether, these features operate together to assure secure and enjoyable rides regardless of harsh landscapes or inclement weather. For those you prioritize your safety when choosing an electric bike, then the Vtuvia SN100 should definitely be amongst your considerations.



The affordability provided by the Vtuvia SN100 is remarkable. It provides a fantastic alternative for commuters looking for the benefits of pedal-assisted cycling without spending a fortune.

An impressive features of this e-bike is its flexibility. It comes with both rear racks and baskets, which means users to easily carry groceries or other items while cycling. Additionally, it has two modes, electric mode and pedal mode, enabling riders to adjust their assistance level based on their needs. This aspect makes the Vtuvia SN100 ideal for commuting or leisurely rides around town.

Another notable factor that adds to the e-bike’s value is its affordable cost. Compared to other models on the market, the Vtuvia SN100 provides excellent value for its cost. Riders can experience all the essential aspects of an e-bike at a fraction of spending too much money.



750w Hub Motor


The Worth of the sn100 vtuvia electric bike is outstanding relative to other bikes available. At a reasonable price, you obtain a superior bike with numerous features that justify every penny.

One of these features is the rear hub motor, which ensures riding smooth and uncomplicated despite landscape. The Motor is situated inside the wheel’s axle, making it more discreet in comparison to mid-drive systems while still offering adequate energy for riders.

The hub motor offers a pair of options: E-Mode and PAS. In E-Mode, you can glide smoothly without the need to pedal whatsoever, whereas Pedal Assist allows you to conserve battery power by helping your pedaling efforts.

For those who need extra storage space on their trip, the SN100 Vtuvia has got them covered with its racks at the back. This attribute supplies sufficient area to carry items or other items conveniently.


Thumb Throttle

The thumb throttle is an essential feature of the Vtuvia SN100 e-bike, as it allows riders to have full control over their speed and acceleration. This component is located on the handlebars and can be easily accessed with the thumb. It works by sending a signal to the motor when pressed, which then propels the bike forward.

One benefit of using the thumb throttle on the SN100 is that it provides effortless power assistance even in electric mode. Riders can choose between three levels of pedal assist or switch entirely into electric mode for a fully motorized ride. The thumb throttle adds another layer of convenience, making it easy to navigate through traffic or get up steep hills without breaking a sweat.

Another advantage of having a thumb throttle on this e-bike is its responsiveness. Thanks to its hub motor, the SN100 has instant torque and acceleration, allowing riders to take off quickly from a stop sign or red light. With the addition of the thumb throttle, this process becomes even more seamless since riders do not need to rely solely on pedaling to gain momentum.

Overall, incorporating a thumb throttle on an e-bike such as the Vtuvia SN100 enhances both its efficiency and ease-of-use. It enables riders to customize their experience while also providing them with greater control over their movements. In turn, these features make cycling more accessible for people who may struggle with traditional bicycles due to physical limitations or other factors.

With optimized handling and control via its thumb throttle, another factor that contributes heavily towards making riding an enjoyable experience lies in exceptional suspension systems that provide enhanced comfort during rides irrespective of terrain conditions – ranging from smooth roads to bumpy tracks alike.



The Shock absorption system of the Vtuvia SN100 e-bike is a notable feature that adds to its general functionality.

The e-bike’s front suspension system incorporates a Suntour XCT suspension fork with 80mm travel, and the back shocks features an modifiable air shock absorber. These parts collaborate to provide a smooth ride on various terrain types and contribute to minimizing rider fatigue.

The Vtuvia SN100 furthermore comes fitted with a robust rear rack apt for hauling loads or installing panniers. Users can employ this rack in conjunction with the electric mode, that allows them to cover longer distances covered sans applying excessive energy.

Moreover, the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes permit riders to halt safely and quickly if necessary, improving their confidence and grip over the e-bike.

An additional important element of this e-bike is its cadence-sensing pedal assist technology, which detects pedaling speed and provides assistance as needed. This function makes it simpler for cyclists to sustain momentum even while ascending or against powerful winds. Furthermore, it aids save battery power by guaranteeing optimal use via effective power management.

In the next section, we shall discuss a further crucial part of this e-bike – the bike headset. The bicycle headset is a crucial part of the SN100 Vtuvia, as it links the bike frame and the fork, allowing seamless handling and stability.



The headset is responsible for connecting the front fork to the frame of the bike, permitting you to steer your front tire effortlessly. The Vtuvia SN100 employs a common 1-1/8 inch unthreaded headset that is simple to service.

One the crucial aspects of the Vtuvia SN100 is its intelligent pedal assist system. This feature makes it easier to bike uphill or in powerful headwinds by automatically adjusting power output depending on how hard you are cycling.

Alternatively, you can utilize the e-mode where you don’t have to pedal at all, or switch to manual mode which turns off the engine and forces you to rely solely on your own strength.

The comfortable aluminum alloy structure used in the construction of this bike delivers balance and longevity while remaining light enough for simple handling. Additionally, rear storage racks can be attached effortlessly onto this variant providing extra storage with no compromising performance or including unnecessary weight.

Moving forward into our next section about drivetrain parts, let’s have a deeper glimpse at how such elements interact to provide seamless gear shifting and effective power transfer.




Continuing with our VTUVia SN100 evaluation, it’s time to take a closer glimpse into the e-bike’s drivetrain. The drivetrain is an vital component of every electric hunting bike, as it determines how energy gets transferred from the engine to the wheels.

The SN100 arrives with Shimano assist gears that provide smooth and efficient shifting through its 21-speed gear system. The Shimano gears assure effortless climbs and seamless acceleration on level ground.

This feature renders the VTUVia SN100 suitable for every kind of terrains, irrespective of whether you’re journeying via rough paths or riding on urban streets. Additionally, the gear ratios provide optimal velocities whilst maintaining the least strain while pedaling.

To grasp more clearly how these ratios work in practice, let’s review the following table:


Gear Ratio Speed
1st 3:1 Low speed/High torque
2nd 2:1 Mid speed/Mid torque
3rd-7th 1:1 – 0.64:1 High speed/Low torque
8th-14th .61:1 – .38:1 Very high speed/Lower Torque
15th-21st .37:.22 Maximum Speed


As shown earlier, every gearing relates to a particular speed range and degree of torque. Riders can utilize such ratios to adjust their ride depending on varying situations such as wind resistance, incline, and terrain.


Overall Impression

This adaptable fat-tire e-bike has surely established a reputation for it in the industry due to its exceptional specs and distinctive features.

Among of the highly remarkable aspects of the electric bike is its riding experience. The SN100 Vtuvia provides a smooth ride, particularly on rough surfaces, thanks to its strong structure and shock-absorbing system that absorbs shocks efficiently. Additionally, its powerful engine allows cyclists to effortlessly conquer inclines with no working up a perspiration.

In terms of adaptability, the fat-tire e-bike is designed to accommodate various requirements. Whether you want an easy ride or an exciting off-road ride, the Vtuvia SN100 can handle both effortlessly. Its broad tires provide superb traction and stability, while simultaneously permitting for comfortable rides over snow, sandy terrain, or other demanding surfaces.

In conclusion, the review of the Vtuvia SN100 demonstrates that it’s an outstanding electric bicycle that offers superb results in all aspects – velocity, riding comfort, energy efficiency and durability. It is optimal for those seeking a premium electric bicycle that can fulfill every one of their biking requirements simultaneously – traveling around town or exploring fresh paths well beyond urban boundaries.

As seen from our evaluation above regarding the exemplary e-bike’s specifications and cycling abilities; we deduce that any person seeking an extraordinary fat-tire ebike must consider buying the Vtuvia SN100 since it is unlikely to let down anyone in every facet they may need from such an e-bike. Vtuvia 750 Watt 48 Volt Fat