Vtuvia Accessories: In-Depth Review {2023]

It is 2023 , and life isn’t cheap. From growing gas prices to $12 loaves of bread, identifying ways to cut living costs is now crucial to survive another year. E-bikes are a wise way for cutting vehicle expenses, helping to make the world more environmentally friendly while saving you money. Vtuvia Accessories

Vtuvia Accessories

However here’s the thing: more than half of the electric bike companies out there charge a hefty price on their products. That’s the reason as I found VTUVIA’s webpage & looked through their line, I felt astonished.

Not only do they supply economical e-bikes, their designs they offer are also high-quality, good-looking, and featuring superb client feedback. Established back in 2018 by Bobo Lee, VTUVIA is on a mission for develop reliable, all-terrain ebikes which will not break the bank.

Is this brand truly as it is claimed to be? Read this VTUVIA Electric bike review in order to uncover. I’ve filled it with information regarding their top sellers, along with reviews, responses to FAQs, and more. So let’s begin. Highlights come up first.


  • Comfortable, intelligent ebikes for any road
  • For all levels of riders
  • Up to 48 miles of range
  • 28mph top speed
  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame & fat tires
  • Free US shipping
  • Two-year frame warranty


VTUVIA Ebike Review

The brand manufactures a number of different e-bikes, yet all of them boast fat tires, vibrant digital LED displays, and are able to hold up to 330lbs.

I will go over all the details about their most well-known ebike initially, however don’t fret, I’ll address three more from their best-sellers within the VTUVIA Ebike review as well.


VTUVIA SF20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike Review


Looking for an e-bike with everything? VTUVIA’s SF20 Step-Thru Collapsible Fat Tire E-Bike checks numerous boxes to satisfy the modern rider. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a daily bike or even an off-road adventurer, this fat tire ebike offers a lot of features.

Got limited space in your house or office? You’ll adore its folding design, & truly, every aspect regarding this bike can be customizable.

From its color (there are 7 options) up to the seat, on the road, the intelligent pedal-assist will match your effort, keeping you a cruising speed of up to 28 miles per hour.

You’ll cruise for up to 48 miles per charge per charge on your SF20 (38 miles pure electric, 48 pedal assist), & once you are done, unhook the battery and it will charge up within 5-6 hours. Every detail regarding this bike exudes practicality, and that is a quality I adore about it.

Its half-twist throttle resembles how one would operate a motorcycle, and the step-through frame makes it’s easy to to mount and dismount.

Equipped with 20″ 4.0 wide tires and a front suspension fork, rocks, crevices, and slick terrain become no longer a problem. Feel free and ride in the rain and across the mud, the SF20 can handle it.

Speaking of handling, the bike comes with a back rack for take a load off, meaning it’s perfect for activities like grocery runs and picnics at the park. The SF20 is a versatile impressive ebike, ideal for newcomers as well as veteran riders. Acquire yours at 1,499 dollars.

What customers say:

“We both love our E-bikes, we’ve put more than 200 miles on them in our first year and can’t wait for the next adventure. The bikes collapse nicely & fit in our SUV and accompany us on every adventure. This SF20 proves to be the perfect solution for us, as 60+ year old cyclists…enjoying the beaches in central California.” – a happy couple, vtuviaebikes.com



VTUVIA SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike Review 


Both you and the SN100 26 Inch Outdoor Wide Tire E-Bike share something in common: both of you enjoy hunting.

Designed for adventure, the silent e-bike employs a thumb-operated throttle for its speed & aims to effectively handle all kinds of terrains. From its 26″ inch tires which power throughout mud to 48 miles of range, regardless of where your day takes you, this bike will stay with you.

Just simply because it is available in a camouflage pattern does not imply it’s solely for hunting. Even though the bike is able to transport you to & from the bush, its black, silver, and green colorways come built with a MOZO suspension as well, enabling you to glide through rough slopes-and even uneven urban roads.

The location where you ride the SN100 will be your choice, however you can acquire any of the color options for 1,699 (previously 1,799 dollars).

Customer reviews:

“Fantastic bike! With more than 4,000 acres to cover, the SN100 offers a quiet and smooth journey through the wilderness, allowing riders to see more animals! Ample torque & battery life to last the entire day!”- Charles A., vtuviaebike.com



VTUVIA SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Electric Fat Tire Bike Review 


I’m head over heels with the look of the SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Wide Tire Bike. It is incredibly stylish in yellow and black and orange and black color options. Cruising up to 28 miles per hour, it has up to 48 miles of range & charges back up in 5-6 hours.

The model’s tires are slightly bigger compared to others featured in the VTUVIA Ebike review, sizing up at 26 inches so they can handle increasingly difficult terrains.

Featuring a bike frame constructed of durable aluminum material, even if the Ebike may be an energetic bike, it is never cumbersome & comes equipped with five levels intelligent pedal assistance, 3 riding modes, and dual mechanical brakes to make your ride a smooth and safe one.

From a park to a beach, set your ride up for success with the SJ26 $ 1,549 (originally $1,649).

Customer reviews:

“Been riding for six decades, and at this point in my life, it’s a godsend because I still get my exercise while not overexerting myself getting to my destination & back home. A week into owning it and I’m completely sold, looking to incorporate extra features to it and plan my next acquisition to an upgraded model. The best value for the money & extremely pleased with its performance.” – Russel, on the VTUVIA website



VTUVIA SX20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike Review 


Featuring extra thick 60 TPI wheels, VTUVIA’s SX20 Step-Thru Folding Fat tire E-Bike will be the perfect ride through tough terrains, slippery streets, and even through sand. The bike’s 750W motor capacity shifts through 7 gears, providing you a range of 52 miles of ride time at of 15.5mph.

Because it’s a step-through model, it’s an ideal choice for elderly riders and people with mobility issues, and supports up to 330 pounds.

Hop on & engage the half-twist throttle to get going. When you reduce your speed, the SX20 will kick in with pedal assistance. Finished on your ride? Detach its removable LG battery, and it will be recharged in 5-6 hours.

Equipped with protective measures such as double disc braking system for easy stopping, its hydraulic suspension works to keep your ride steady & reduces jolts. Oh, and did I mention it folds for convenient stowing?

Get this attractive, convenient e-bike in red or a sleek silver for $1,799 (on sale from $1,899).

Customer testimonials:

” VTUVIA SX20 step through model is easily portable & fashionable. I can store my bike inside the hatchback of my car & take the bike anywhere I travel. The e-bike is also extremely high quality. The bike holds a charge for an entire day based on the frequency riders use its pedal-assist feature, and it can even tackle the off-road trails.” – John M., on the VTUVIA website



Who Is VTUVIA For?

VTUVIA states that their ebikes were designed specifically for “riders who are really eager in pursue their own unique abilities.” That’s an awesome idea I totally get behind.

Since ebikes enable you in modifying your degree of assistance, VTUVIA aims to be all about matching riders where you are & taking on new challenges that make sense for your unique degree in fitness & hobbies.

Their reasonably priced e-bikes are designed for the everyday, adventures, & hunting expeditions, and riders of all fitness levels & price ranges can get an amazing ride. So, you’ve heard about VTUVIA, next up in our VTUVIA review, you’ll explore exactly how customers think.



VTUVIA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Since no VTUVIA Ebike review could feel complete without including feedback, I’ve gathered a bunch of it to share with you all in this review.

Fortunately, this brand has become very popular, and finding reviews and feedback proved to be pretty simple. Let’s examine the highlights from the reviews I found, starting with ratings on their website:

  • SF20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike: 4.9/5 stars, 129 reviews
  • SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike: 4.9/5 stars, 76 reviews
  • SJ26 26 Inch Cruiser Electric Fat Tire Bike: 5/5 stars, 34 reviews
  • SX20 Step-Thru Folding Fat Tire E-Bike: 5/5 stars, 1 review

Since the SF20 represents the brand’s top sought-after ebike, I’ve dove into the feedback to see what shoppers enjoy so much about it. One particular VTUVIA Ebike testimonial said:

“I enjoy the fact that it really has lots of energy whenever needed. I like an effective bicycle, however not effective that it would become difficult to manage or maneuver. I like the fact that I can continue to pedal as well as sweat for as long as I want in order to as well as use its own power when I need to breathe as well as take a break or perhaps when moving a high mountain! I’m fifty-seven and also more of a novice / advanced beginner cyclist.”

With feedback like that, it’s simple to understand the reason people adore this brand so much. The e-bikes offer an ideal balance of power & function, allowing riders ride when you wish to and stop when you don’t.

The next VTUVIA E-bike review we will explore originates from MTNWeekly.com (1). A member from their team tried out the SN100. Here’s exactly what they had had to say at the end:

“Using its own transporting capability, ability to include a rear rack and tow-behind trailer, a hunter or even packer can bring a lot of equipment in and out of the area with this VTUVIA Electric Mountain Bike. The actual fat-tires and also suspension lessened a significant amount associated with protrusions and also drops on the trail.”

The SN100 serves as an “hunting-themed bicycle”, and in the noises from the previous VTUVIA Ebike review, it can manage whatsoever you actually throw at it. But for good measure, let’s check out one more resource.

Now I checked out Amazon in which the SF20 had been awarded 4.2/5 stars according to sixty international evaluations. This is their rating breakdown:

  • 5 stars: 62%
  • 4 stars: 19%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 5%
  • 1 star: 10%

“We’ve acquired a number of E-bikes over the years and that one needs to be the best from the lot. To start with, the look and also feel of this bike is spot on. It looks killer. My spouse receives an enormous amount of praises while using this,” wrote one shopper in their VTUVIA Electric bike assessment.

I’ve to admit that I prefer the design of your SF20 a lot also. It’s sporty but not intense in order to frighten away newbies. All in all, I discovered several truly fantastic comments with regard to VTUVIA as well as it can make the following section truly easy.



Is VTUVIA Legit?

Not a single thing I came across throughout this VTUVIA Electric bike assessment would make me think otherwise. Absolutely no concerns to report in this article.


Is VTUVIA Worth It?

VTUVIA Electric bikes possesses several truly outstanding opinions. Their particular electric bikes are cost-effective, trustworthy, and also strong, and I like the fact that they offer an array of designs.

That is not to mention they seem great also. All things considered, should you happen to be searching for a reliable, affordable electric bike, this particular company is actually an excellent choice.


Where To Buy VTUVIA 

Ready to be able to ride? Go to VituviaEbike.com to look.



FAQ Vtuvia Accessories

Who owns VTUVIA?

VTUVIA E-bikes had been founded in 2018 by Mr. Bobo Lee. Mr. Lee will be the company’s existing CEO.

Will my VTUVIA ebike arrive assembled?

Your VTUVIA is going to get there 85% assembled. Any other thing that needs assembly is simple to carry out and the order is going to consist of tools as well as a link in order to an set up video. Should you actually require any more support, get in touch together with customer care.

What is VTUVIA’s Shipping Policy?

VTUVIA E-bikes ships for free within the actual continental USA. Canadian-based clients can buy the VTUVIA SF20 as well as the VTUVIA SJ26 E-bike. Shipping and delivery is incorporated within their prices. Absolutely no additional goods are at present accessible pertaining to shipment to Canada and america.

Orders will possibly be delivered inside 1-3 working days and nights following productive transaction, as well as you need to permit with regard to 3-8 working days altogether regarding your purchase to arrive.

What is VTUVIA’s Returns Policy?

In the event that you’ll need in order to give back your ebike to be able to VTUVIA E-bikes, it is possible to. Make sure you abide by these kinds of two guidelines:

  1. You commence the actual returns method within 30 times from your day regarding acquire.
  2. The particular e-bike is definitely within completely new situation.

Come back shipping and delivery expenses are your own duty. VTUVIA Electric bikes only offers a great exchange in case your e-bike is definitely ruined or impaired. In order to start a return or exchange, send an email to vtuviaebike@gmail.com and they will provide a return address.

What is VTUVIA’s warranty?

VTUVIA gives a two-year guarantee on every their electric bikes. As soon as you buy yours, the guarantee is automatically enrolled and is solely effective for the original purchaser.


How To Contact VTUVIA

You’ve arrived at the end of this VTUVIA eBike evaluation and if you still have queries, don’t hesitate to reach out with the brand to get them cleared up.

The most effective way to get in contact is to contact VTUVIA’s support team. Vtuvia Accessories

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