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Essential Gear for the Modern Electric Scooter Rider

Well, when talking about electric scooter accessories, many people mean fashion, style, and comfort. All of that is certainly relevant. But for me, safety always comes first. And riding comfort means, among other things, safe riding. If you, for example, do not need to climb into the back pocket of your pants to change a song on your smartphone or answer a call on the way, isn’t it great? Although… The example isn’t a good one. Don’t chat on your phone while riding!

Nevertheless, below, I’ll list the most common stuff that will keep you comfortable, but I’ll start with the must-have e-scooter accessories that provide safety in addition to style. Let’s go.

Safety accessories

safety accessories


I don’t think it’s possible to meet an electric scooter rider who wouldn’t tell you about the importance of wearing a helmet. If it is a problem for you to allocate money for a good, expensive helmet, then even an ordinary bicycle helmet can fulfill the necessary function.

However, I would recommend motorcycle helmets (especially if you ride long distances on the highway rather than traveling at limited speeds in city traffic). They offer maximum protection and look cool, although they can be quite heavy.

You should also know that really good helmets have certification. CPSC for bicycles or DOT for motorcycles.

Please don’t neglect this fact and never travel with your head unprotected.

Reflective gear and lights

Yes, some electric scooter models are equipped with running front and rear lights. But lights are necessary if you have a simpler model and often come home at dusk or even in the dark.

In addition to lighting your way (this is also important because, for a scooter, any twig, pebble, or minor pothole can become a serious obstacle), it is more important to be seen by other road users.

For this purpose, you can even use LED tape (it’s beautiful), colored wheel lights, and headlamps. But it is better to have a rear light with an orange or red glow so drivers can see when you brake and a front powerful light.

Bell or horn

There is another way to alert you to your movement. Audible. If you’re traveling during the day in a noisy and busy city, a bell or horn is a great way to alert pedestrians and drivers to your presence. We can all be intentionally or unintentionally distracted; sometimes, milliseconds make the difference.

Knee, elbow pads, gloves (optional)

Knee, elbow pads, and gloves are your reliable helpers in case of a sudden maneuver or even a fall. Do not hesitate to protect your elbows and knees in advance. Then, in case of an unforeseen situation, you will not be afraid to make a sharp turn, maneuver, or jump (well, in case you need it). Gloves prevent your hands from sweating and also play an important role if you need to turn the steering wheel sharply without fear that you will stick to it or, on the contrary, risk slipping off.

Storage accessories

storage accessories

Phone holder

I have already given an example of how taking out your phone while driving is dangerous. But there are times when you need a navigation device, for example. So, should you remember the old way of driving, asking passers-by for directions? This is not necessary at all.

Today, the market is overflowing with such comfort items, and it won’t be difficult for you to choose a holder suitable for your scooter (mounted on the handlebars and perfectly visible while riding), phone, and wallet.

Water bottle holder

The same goes for the water holder. Getting your bottle out of your backpack behind your back is inconvenient; you have to stop (I’m still hoping for your discretion). And if it’s literally at your fingertips, it will make it easier to access even when you’re on the move.

Remember – your body’s water balance is also relevant to staying healthy!


This is where the security of your e-scooter comes into play. Scooter locks are also available in a huge range on the market, so you can easily find something suitable for your price. It’s important that the lock is secure but doesn’t weigh a lot (I know how hard it is to carry a lot of stuff around). Alternatively, attach it directly to the scooter even while riding.

In any case, such an accessory will allow you not to carry your scooter in your hands (even if it is portable) but leave it on the street if you decide to go shopping and for longer periods if you don’t have the opportunity to bring it into the office, for example.

Maintenance accessories

maintenance accessories


If you’ve ever owned a bike or skateboard, you know how important it is to have a set of tools on hand for quick screws, tightening bolts, removing a wheel (for repairs), and other situations.

Before heading out on your trip, ensure the hotspots you need are located and that you have all the tools you need to fix them in an emergency. For example, you should always have a tire valve extension with you, as many models have the valve recessed into the handlebars or wheel, and you can’t get to it without one of these things.

Tire pump

Having a tire pump with you is also desirable (or even necessary). A scooter’s wheels (especially a city scooter) are quite thin and can easily be damaged by hitting a small pebble or a piece of glass. Plus, you just might forget to check the tires before leaving the house. So you can always get your scooter safely for you to ride.

Tire slime

Well, in case you have significantly damaged your tire, you will need slime for them (in simpler terms – sealant). If you have it with you, you don’t even need to go to the nearest repair service. Your situation may end exactly when treating the tire’s surface (tubeless or tubular) with slime.

The beauty of slime is that you can pre-treat the tire or inner tube with it, and then for small punctures (especially frequent for pneumatic tires), you will simply not be afraid (well, okay, in most cases).

So, I would say that having such accessories for electric scooters is more of a necessity than a chic.

Weather protection accessories

weather protection accessories

Rain cover

You never know when bad weather will take you by surprise. Even on a hot, sunny day, you can’t rule out the possibility of rain, you’ll agree. In this case, the cover will greatly protect your scooter if you have to leave it outside.

Mudguards and fenders

When not only your electric scooter but also you are out in the rain or forced to ride out in bad weather and move through wet streets, splashes, and mud can be a serious obstacle to movement.

This is where mudguards and fenders come in. They will protect both the vehicle and your clothes quite well. So just attach them in advance to avoid being caught off guard and carrying them around in your backpack. I did exactly that.


This accessory is especially useful for those who prefer sitting scooters. This doesn’t mean riders on the deck don’t need it. Windy weather can hinder your mobility by restricting your vision. In addition, the windscreen is also good for riding on country roads with small stones and dust.



In electric scooters, accessories are add-ons and tools that enhance safety, convenience, and overall riding pleasure. When going on your next trip, your safety is your first priority. Although to be honest, the pleasure of having all sorts of gadgets is no less good.

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