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Are Electric Scooters Worth It?

are electric scooters worth it

To answer this seemingly simple question, “Are electric scooters worth it?” you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transportation.

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Electric Scooter Road Rules Explained

can you ride electric scooters on the road

The popularity of electric scooters has grown considerably recently, although they were actually invented more than 100 years ago. Today, it is unsurprising to meet a man in a business suit, a housewife, or a student with such a vehicle. Rental electric scooters today can be found in every self-respecting city. But are electric scooters …

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Essential Gear for the Modern Electric Scooter Rider

essential electric scooter accessories

Well, when talking about electric scooter accessories, many people mean fashion, style, and comfort. All of that is certainly relevant. But for me, safety always comes first. And riding comfort means, among other things, safe riding. If you, for example, do not need to climb into the back pocket of your pants to change a …

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A Guide to the Different Types of Electric Scooters

types of electric scooters

Today, no one is surprised by the term “electric scooter”. They have become ubiquitous in urban landscapes, providing a budget-friendly, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative for traveling short distances, whether you live in a big city with heavy traffic or the suburbs.

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Riding Electric Scooters in the Rain

If you have asked yourself such a question as, can you ride electric scooters in the rain, most likely, you are now standing in front of your monitor or smartphone screen with a cup of coffee while the elements are raging outside your window.

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