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Are Electric Scooters Worth It?

To answer this seemingly simple question, “Are electric scooters worth it?” you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of transportation. In addition to the obvious aspects that determine your desire to have a convenient, economical means of transportation for short distances, you must also understand some of the problems of modern society, as well as pitfalls in the field of safety. As a matter of fact, this is what my article will be about.

Electric scooters have quickly taken their place in the noisy urban jungle. Young people, in particular, have been quick to pick up on the idea of ease of transportation without traffic jams and preserving the environment in carbon-polluted cities. Is everything so rosy in this matter? Let’s find out.

The appeal of electric scooters

the appeal of electric scooters

If you’re still not a fan of the electric scooter as an alternative to an expensive and polluting car (or motorcycle), consider the following:

Environmental advantages

One of the main advantages of electric scooters is their environmental friendliness. Compared to traditional cars, self-driving scooters produce minimal emissions, which helps clean the air and reduce the carbon footprint in the urban environment. Yes, this is an important issue, at least for me. At one time, this factor was fundamental to the decision to use an e-scooter.

Economic factors

In addition to environmental benefits, electric scooters have short- and long-term economic advantages. Their lower initial cost, reduced fuel costs, and often minimal maintenance requirements make them a cost-effective means of transportation. I have personally verified this claim, even though scooter transportation has limitations.

Social and health benefits

Electric scooters make it easier to get around and provide social and health benefits. They allow for moderate exercise during your daily commute, which promotes a healthy lifestyle and potential social interaction between passengers. Don’t you know that sitting at work and driving all the time has unpleasant consequences?

Urban mobility

In the context of urban mobility, electric scooters offer unmatched maneuverability and ease of movement on congested streets. Don’t like standing in traffic (geez, who does?)? Always late for public transportation? Tired of extraneous, always disgruntled fellow travelers? Put on your headphones and enjoy the fresh air!

Potential downsides of electric scooters

potential downsides of electric scooters

Yes, after reading the previous paragraph, you can immediately decide that you are a modern person who wants to save your health and the environment and also to do it all with minimal cost to the wallet. But we should not forget that there are negative sides to any issue.

Safety issues and risk factors

Although electric scooters provide convenience, safety issues are still relevant. Especially in high-traffic areas, they are very susceptible to the risk of accidents. Of course, to minimize these risks, you should use helmets and follow traffic rules, but still, this type of transportation is more dangerous than driving a car. In my articles, I always insist on caution and extra care.

Regulatory challenges

Another challenge is overcoming legal restrictions and differences in legislation from region to region. No country has yet achieved proper legal regulation. Taxes, clearance, categorization, and other things are still under development. Still, I should note that there is some progress in this matter, and I hope that things will get better soon. But still, now, try to study the attitude of the authorities of your region towards scooters so as not to find yourself in an unpleasant situation with a fine or confiscation.

Durability and maintenance

Electric scooters may seem like a wise investment given the initial price, fairly easy maintenance, and inexpensive servicing. However, the vehicle’s life varies depending on the model and its features and your personal handling of the electric scooter.

Try to operate your scooter properly, based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as avoid exposing it to harsh climatic conditions unnecessarily. Charge the battery regularly, trying not to reduce its charge by less than 30%, and any scooter will serve you long enough.

Making the decision: factors to consider

making the decision: factors to consider

To summarize the above, there are two main criteria for making a decision. So, when answering the question “Should I get an electric scooter?” make sure of the following:

Individual needs and circumstances

Think about the distance to work – will it be an easy walk or a longer excursion? How efficient is it to get there on an electric scooter?

Also, consider your personal preferences: do you tend to be active, agile, or more relaxed? If you are lazy, like to sleep on the bus, and never enjoy the surrounding landscape, I would not advise you to spend money on an expensive toy that will gather dust in the garage.

By the way, pay attention to the availability of storage space for the scooter – this important aspect is often overlooked. In the end, finding the perfect balance between practicality and personal preference is the key to making an electric scooter an easy part of your life.

Community and Infrastructure

community and infrastructure

Going beyond personal considerations, the decision to use an electric scooter is inextricably linked to the community and infrastructure that surrounds you. Imagine your daily routes – are they through urban landscapes or more rural areas? The answer to this question is the key to understanding what your electric scooter ride will feel like because, without a detailed understanding of your route, you may end up discovering that it’s not suitable for a scooter at all. What is the most common weather in your area?

The availability of charging stations is also important. Imagine effortlessly plugging your scooter in so that it’s always ready for the next move. Now imagine being stuck in the middle of a rutted desert road with no way to recharge.

Equally important is the availability of scooter-friendly roads that the scooter can glide on without unnecessary obstacles. Oh, and I would consider the mood of pedestrians, too (from personal experience, not everyone is as environmentally conscious as I am).


In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters is very important to making an informed decision. Considering the various aspects discussed in my article will help you determine whether introducing an electric scooter into your daily life meets your needs and preferences and how harmoniously it will fit into your lifestyle. What I can say is that once you fall in love with an electric scooter, you will never want to part with it again.

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