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A Guide to the Different Types of Electric Scooters

Today, no one is surprised by the term “electric scooter”. They have become ubiquitous in urban landscapes, providing a budget-friendly, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative for traveling short distances, whether you live in a big city with heavy traffic or the suburbs.

You may not have known, but this form of vehicle is not new. However, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, making understanding the types of electric scooters necessary. United by a common design concept (handlebars, deck, battery, and wheels), they are nevertheless different, starting with children’s and adult versions. I will also briefly tell you about this in my article.

Adult electric scooters vs kids scooters

adult electric scooters vs kids scooters

So, before we move on to looking at the options for adult e-scooters, we need to make a distinction between adult and child models. I think I won’t reveal a secret by saying that safety is the main difference. After all, a child can get carried away by the “game” and stop watching the speed and maneuvers. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess that the concept of “child” implies a limited (reduced) speed. Of course, these electric scooters are lighter and more portable (adult scooters are designed to weigh up to 150 kg), have less durable wheels, and have a smaller range (so that you do not look for your child in the neighboring town). For children, they most often choose three-wheeled or kick-scooters.

Accordingly, adult scooters are more robust, durable, tricked out in the field of additional functions, and have greater speed and range.

But, perhaps, the main thing to note – do not forget that no technology will not provide your child with greater safety than what you can provide, always being close by.

Types of electric scooters

types of electric scooters

Finally, coming to the different scooter types, the first thing I would like to point out is that your choice should not be based on “fashion” but on the goals you are pursuing. Consider the range of travel and manner (sport or casual) you are hoping for, and from that, consider durability, portability, weather resistance, and, of course, functionality.

Electric kick scooters

Among the most popular options are electric kick scooters, which are compact and maneuverable. It is also the simplest type with a standing deck (that’s why I specified the possibility of its use for children). The kick-scooter can only be used on flat paved paths and has a limited speed. Ideal for short distances.

Models such as the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter and Segway Ninebot KickScooter stand out in this category.

Folding electric scooters

I hope you understand the main advantage of a folding electric scooter. Of course, it’s easy to understand that these devices are lightweight since they are meant to be carried around with you. I would say that this type would suit a person who commutes a short distance to work every day because what could be more convenient than sticking your means of transportation under your desk?

Brands like Glion Dolly and Razor E300 Electric Scooter exemplify the practicality and efficiency of this type.

Off-road electric scooters

off-road electric scooters

Now is the time for extreme sports enthusiasts. Yes, off-road electric scooters, equipped with durable tires and reinforced suspensions, allowing you to overcome difficult terrain, are created exactly for forest or mountain paths with uneven, stony surfaces. These scooters have thick, powerful wheels, excellent shock absorbers, and a heavy, solid construction. For example, Nanrobot D5+ and Dualtron Thunder are models of the excellence of off-road electric scooters.

Three-wheeled electric scooters

Another type of e-scooter that is also suitable for children is three-wheeled electric scooters. Stable and safe, they provide excellent traction even at low speeds. The additional wheel can be located in front or behind, so there is even the possibility of a flight of design ideas. You or your child will never fall off such a scooter. The Trikke Pon-e 48V and the Razor Power Rider 360 are prime examples of this category.

Seated e-scooters

seated e-scooters

You get a sitting electric scooter when you add a seat to a kick scooter. Whether you have a good reason or a simple reluctance to ride standing up, this option will provide comfort even in city traffic. Among the seating scooters, some fold, they can be lightweight, in general – they offer a wide range of choices for your convenience and maximum comfort. They can also support more weight than other models (up to 180 kg). Moreover, you can also ride them off-road. As an example, I would single out the Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter and the Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite.


As you can see, the variety of electric scooters is great enough to choose the best option for yourself or your child. Nevertheless, having determined the type of electric scooter, do not forget to study all its additional characteristics. And you will definitely be satisfied!

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